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  1. Another version of the store without the premium section can be found here: items.txt
  2. There's a ton you have to set up in this repack by yourself, such as: Database Change of names etc. Included plugins: Disabled plugins: Server has: Set up advertisements Title FastDL Super good surf settings Fully set up and working store Maps Map rotation Download: [hide]Download[/hide]
  3. Before starting, i am assuming your server is already set up and ready to be aired. So, learning how the system works is a mess, there's really not many official documents on how it works. I am only telling you all this from my own experience owning a top 10 world's most popular surf server. Factors: Location Ping/Connection Front view Title Plugins Tags Fast Download Server Enviroment Location: The server location is really important, if it's in New York city, you will most likely end up with a very popular server with connections from Canada and around the US. The locations is important because if it's far away from everything it won't popup on the masterlist. The masterlist ranks on location, ping times and so on. Ping/Connection: It's very important to provide a low ping rate for people who play on your server. You can do this by many things, but most importanly is your connection. If you have a 5/5 Up-/download, your server might not be as popular. Front View: Front view is very important if you want regular players, if you have everything set up nicely, players will most likely come back. This means, they enjoyed how it was playing on the server and that is very important. Title: The server title does a huge job in collecting players. If they spot 102.4 tickrate, fastdl etc. in the title you will most likely attract skilled players. Skilled players are very important for your enviroment, they will most likely talk in the voice chat and share whatever they have. Plugins: Plugins is important because if you're running some shitty plugins that makes the server lag or does a bad job at what it's supposed to do, then your players most likely won't come back. If they're however doing an amazing job, you will be able to take donations etc. too. Tags: Tagging your server is really good, because the tags are the first thing people will search for if they don't know how to filter. I usually tagged my servers name, tickrate, fastdl, and so on. It will bring some noobish players to your server, which is also very healthy. Fast Download Server: Having a webserver in a different location is good because it'll make the downloads go way faster than it usually would do if you would download it straight from the server which can also impact the server performance. Players will connect faster and it'll make everyone happy. Enviroment: Having a good and positive enviroment for your players is really important, if a player connects and get shit on, will he stay? Most likely not. Might not come back, but maybe he will. So if a player joins and you know he's knew, i recommend starting conversations with them etc. Moderators / Administrators are also important to provide a good enviroment to mute spammers etc. To kick-off your server in the beginning make your friends join it, it will rank the server higher in the masterlist if they filter for players. If atleast 10 people see that there's 5 people on this server, they most likely will join which adds 10+ more players to the playerlist. Which will make your server go higher up in the sky. Thank you for reading, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them down below. ~Babylon
  4. This guide will guide you through how to install a basic CS:GO server. Requirements: Atleast 2GB of ram Atleast 4x 2.4GHz CPU cores. Any version of Windows. Recommended: 30/30 Down-/Upload speed. Step 1. Download SteamCMD. Unzip the files to a folder on your desktop. Open the SteamCMD.exe file. Wait for it to download all the requirements. Type this in the correct order; Login anonymous force_install_dir ../csgoserver app_update 740 validate Wait for it to download the server files, your server will be located on your desktop. Step 2. Choose what gamemode you wanna run and at what tickrate, you have to know this before you proceed. Find your server folder on the desktop, then right click it and create a shortcut. You can place the shortcut wherever you want. Right click the shortcut and press properties. Find the "C:\Users\your name goes here\Desktop\csgoserver" line. Do not replace but add this to it: Now you have a simple server that you can start and stop by pressing the shortcut. It won't be able to be opened to public, it's LAN only. Step 3. Change gamemode: Classic Casual; Classic competetive; Arms Race; Demolition; Deathmatch; To change the tickrate add the following to one of the above lines: 64 Tick: 102.4 Tick: 128 Tick: Step 4. [Making it public] First go to: STEAM GLST At App-ID: 730 Note; Anything that could identify your server. It will now give you a token which you have to copy. Add this to your commandline: Now it will be public on your IP-address. However, people won't be able to connect to it unless you allow it through your firewall. Step 5. [Port forwarding] Portforward the following ports: Step 6. [Server config] Make a server.cfg file in your server folder at C:\Users\your name goes here\Desktop\csgoserver\csgo\cfg Copy this and insert it into your server.cfg file. // Server name hostname "My awesome server | 64 tick | competetive" // Server graphic sv_server_graphic1 "banner.png" // RCON passsword rcon_password "" // Server password sv_password "" // Verification settings sv_pure 1 sv_pure_kick_clients 1 sv_pure_trace 0 // Network settings // FastDL sv_downloadurl "" sv_allowdownload 1 sv_allowupload 1 // Serverlist sv_region 255 sv_tags "" sv_allow_lobby_connect_only 0 // Query host_name_store 1 host_info_show 2 host_players_show 2 sv_max_queries_sec 10 // Rate sv_maxcmdrate 64 sv_mincmdrate 64 sv_minupdaterate 64 sv_maxupdaterate 64 sv_airaccelerate 5000 sv_accelerate 50 sv_maxrate 0 sv_minrate 5000 // TV options tv_title "CSGO Server" tv_enable 0 tv_delay 60 tv_nochat 0 tv_password "" // Server logging log on sv_logbans 1 sv_logecho 0 sv_logfile 1 sv_logflush 0 sv_log_onefile 0 // Execute ban log files exec banned_user.cfg exec banned_ip.cfg writeid writeip mp_roundtime 100 mp_freezetime 0 bot_quota 0 mp_warmup_end sv_airaccelerate 5000 sv_accelerate 150 sv_alltalk 1 mp_timelimit 30 sv_talk_enemy_living 1 sv_talk_enemy_dead 1 sv_allow_votes 0 mp_autokick 0 sm_advertisements_interval 15 sv_hibernate_when_empty 0 sv_hibernate_postgame_delay 0 sv_hibernate_ms 0 sv_hibernate_ms_vgui 0 bot_join_after_player 0 Configure it to your liking. Thank you for reading, any problems? Comment down below and let me teach you. ~Babylon
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    Hallu Xerxes, very nice you joined, thanks bb.
  6. Welcome

    Welcome to Legendevary. We're a brand new forum that is primarily going to be about sharing and releasing and help other inspiring developers. If you got questions or something to release this would be a good place to do so. Primarily i will be working in the Web Development forums and releasing CS:GO Sourcemod Repacks with complete text tutorials. Hope everyone will like it. Thanks for joining us. Have fun. Legendevary
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  8. Reached level 150+ steamlevel.

    Hey, i just reached level 150+ on Steam, it's getting harder and harder!
  9. Steam hour farmer

    This program can be configured to farm steam trading cards etc. Mostly used for just the hours. Not VAC banable. SingleBoostr.zip Credits ~ Ezzpify
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